High Blood Pressure Symptoms and your Lifestyle

  Usually, no symptoms are present. Occasionally, you may experience a mild headache. If your headache is severe, or if you experience any of the symptoms below, you must be seen by a doctor to measure your blood pressure with stethoscope right away. These may be a sign of dangerously high blood pressure (called malignant […]

Risk Factors and Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

Risk Factors and Symptoms

From your daily routine and habits to your health status and genetic heritage, many factors can raise your blood pressure. Obesity and kidney disease can put you at higher risk, for instance, and can lead to full fledged high blood pressure (hypertension). Understand what your risk factors are so that you can help prevent or […]

The Natural Treatment For High Blood Pressure Symptoms

food blood pressure

Women at risk of high blood pressure In days gone by, high blood pressure was thought of as a problem for men. That perception has changed dramatically. It is know known that women are developing high blood pressure at an alarming rate. There are no outward signs of high blood pressure. The American Heart Association […]

Comparison of Bowflex vs Total Gym

total gym reviews

The ultimate battle: Bowflex dumbbells vs Total Gym. Who wins? If the answer to this question was easy, I wouldn’t need to write a post about it! If you’re split between these two popular home gyms, then this post is for YOU. In actuality, Bowflex and the Total Gym are actually quite different. Deciding on […]

Best Ball Chair Reviews FOR newbies

ball chair reviews

Why You Need Ball Chairs: Many people are looking for ways to slim and trim down. We all know how hectic our schedules are. Squeezing in 2 hours a day for the gym is almost next to impossible. If you want to lose weight without losing a lot of time, maybe you should look at […]

Rating and reviews of Chair-gym for Newbies

chair gym reviews

How to choose the right Gym equipment? – I think there is no single Perfect Gym on the market for everyone, since everyone has different needs for a Gym. There are many difference situations which you need a home gym for your health. ! That’s why you should think twice before buying the Best Home […]

Reviews of Bowflex Bench for Newbies

bowflex dumbbell reviews

  Product Features of Bowflex Workout Bench Series 5.1 The 5.1 isn’t your average workout bench, and is loaded with some pretty respectable features. With the 5.1 you will have the ability to turn any space into your very own weightlifting and training center. The dimensions for the bench are pretty typical at 56″ L […]

Base of Reverse Osmosis

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This write up is aimed towards people who have little or no knowledge of Reverse Osmosis. It will attempt to describe the basics of this system in simple terms that should leave the audience with a larger overall understanding of RO system and its technology and applications. Reverse Osmosis is a course of action or […]

Reviews of Prestige Sphygmomanometers (3 models)

Prestige Sphygmomanometer Reviews Prestige Sphygmomanometer – Medical 882-PHB Aneroid review The Prestige Sphygmomanometer 882-PHB Aneroid is not only one of the best sphygmomanometer made by Prestige but also one of their best selling sphygmomanometer models. The ultimate test of the success of a medical device such as a sphygmomanometer is the accuracy of the results […]