Digital Sphygmomanometer vs Manual Sphygmomanometer (Aneroid anh Mercury)

A sphygmomanometer is a device used to measure blood pressure while a wrist blood pressure monitor is simply a more digitized version of the same. Let’s take a look at each of these products at here and try to figure out which one is a good home blood pressure monitor.

1. Digital sphygmomanometer:

This is placed at the wrist and when the blue indicator light flashes it is ready to use. However, due to its sensitivity, it only works when placed at a specific point at the wrist and even then your hand must be lifted to heart level for it to be accurate.

  • Such monitors usually give higher and less accurate readings due to biological reasons. As such one may get different readings while using this device as compared to other devices.

2. Manual Sphygmomanometer(Aneroid anh Mercury):

A sphygmomanometer is the more conventional home blood pressure unit and it detects the blood pressure through the arteries in the arm. Its only setback is that one has to be taught by a professional on how to use it properly. The wrist blood pressure monitor earns major points on its portability, discreteness and convenience which enable the user to monitor their blood pressure anywhere.

  • However, it is not reliable and can give inaccurate readings than manual sphygmomanometer. The manual sphygmomanometer, on the other hand, is accurate and handy when the user knows how to use it well.
  • Accuracy is very important in health matters and as a result, the manual sphygmomanometer remains the best blood pressure monitor available.

How to take Blood Pressure with a Manual Sphygmomanometer

Needless to say, having your blood pressure checked regularly by a medical professional is never a bad idea. However, many of us unfortunately suffer from a condition referred to as white coat hypertension- a state of anxiety brought about when approached by a medic with a stethoscope which results in skyrocketing blood pressure levels. …read more how to check your blood pressure at home with manual sphygmomanometer (Attach guiding video)

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How to get the best sphygmomanometer ?

For any given diagnosis, blood pressure is one of the factors that need to be considered. You need to ensure that you have the right pieces of equipment for that purpose. You should therefore purchase the best sphygmomanometer that you can find.

  • Blood pressure monitors do vary. Some cannot be used without you testing the patient yourself. The patient can wear others easily, in order to determine his or her blood pressure. The auto wrist blood monitor fits in the latter category.
  • There’s a big difference in the price too. How much are you willing to pay for a decent Blood pressure monitor that fits your needs? Let see reviews of some products at here:

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Best Sphygmometer Reviews 2016

1. Omron 7 series

If you want the best pressure monitor then consider the Omron 7 series product. It comes highly recommended by doctors and pharmacists in the nation. It is portable and discrete enough to be worn everywhere to monitor blood pressure. When your wrist is at heart level, the monitor is activated automatically. Then a blue light indicator goes on to show that it is time to take readings, which are very accurate as a result. It has a hypertension indicator icon. This alerts you when blood pressure readings are higher than the recommended levels.

The monitor has an advanced averaging feature. It helps calculate the last three pressure readings taken in the past ten minutes.
The memory can accommodate data for two users simultaneously. The monitor also has an irregular heartbeat indicator to detect irregular heartbeat and give an alert.  Read our full reviews about Omron 7 Series

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2. The Ozeri BP01K CardioTech Pro Series Digital Monitor

The Ozeri blood pressure monitor is lightweight, weighing just less than 9 ounces. This digital blood pressure monitor is therefore very portable.

It uses a clinically proven technology to determine accurately and easily the blood pressure. The technology enables you automatically to inflate then measure blood pressure in real time. This allows for accurate readings for patients suffering from conditions such as arrhythmia that have fluctuations in blood pressure. It will therefore be easier for you to determine the heart health of a patient for better treatment.

The Ozeri blood pressure monitor also stores up to 180 pressure readings as well as the times and dates. Each reading can then be classified according to WHO guidelines for hypertension. A push button will enable you to access the average reading of the last three measurements. The monitor comes with a carrying case. It also has a 5-year warranty, which should assure you of its value. Read my full Reviews about Ozeri blood pressure monitor

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3. The ADC PROSPHYG Adult Proscope Aneroid sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Monitor

The ADC PROSPHYG Adult blood pressure monitor is one that is assembled in the USA. You can therefore be assured of its high quality.

The precision crafted manometer exceeds the average standards within the industry as far as accuracy goes. You will be able to obtain very accurate readings when you are monitoring your patients’ blood pressure. In addition, the manufacturers are willing to back their product all the way, which is why the product comes with a 20-year calibration warranty.
The ADC sphygmomanometer also comes with an ADCUFF cuff, which is made of nylon. There will be no miscuffing. In addition, the cuff has a size marking guide system. Read our full Reviews about ADC sphygmomanometer

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4. The Santamedical Adult Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Stethoscope Blood Pressure Monitor

The Santamedical blood pressure monitor is one of the best blood pressure monitor available in the market. This monitor comes with a single head stethoscope.

The monitor also comes with a cuff and carrying case. The latter is made of vinyl. This means that you do not need to purchase another containment bag in which to store the monitor. In addition, the cuff is made of nylon. This ensures that no miscuffing occurs.
The Santamedical blood pressure monitor also comes with a precision crafted manometer, which is made up of aluminium. So precise is the manometer that it exceeds the accuracy standards that are been set within the medical industry. You will therefore be able to obtain very accurate blood pressure readings from your patients. The aluminium aspect of the manometer enhances its durability. This ensures that you can use your blood pressure equipment for a long time to come.
Other components of the blood pressure monitor include a large air-release valve with a spring, a PVC bladder of adult size with two tubes and a taper end valve. Read our full Reviews about Santamedical blood pressure monitor

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5. The Prestige Sphygmomanometer & Stethoscope Kit Blood Pressure Monitor

The Prestige sphygmomanometer kit is one that comes with a black carrying case. This ensures that you do not need to spend more money for the case. In addition, the bag is made up of nylon. This enhances its durability.
The Sphygmomanometer has a glow gauge. This is meant to enable you to test for blood pressure even when lighting is poor. In areas where electricity is absent, the equipment can come in handy.
The Stethoscope has a zinc alloy chest piece which is chrome plated. The chrome plating enhances the durability of the chest piece without compromising its aesthetic appeal. The stethoscope has soft ear tips, which make it comfortable to use. In addition, it consists of dual tubing, which enhances the transmission of sound. It will be much easier for you to diagnose patients as a result.
The Sphygmomanometer is of high quality. The American Standards Institutes is responsible for setting the calibration standards of blood pressure monitors. The Prestige Sphygmomanometer not only meets those standards, it usually exceeds them. The equipment comes with a lifetime-limited warranty. This assures you that you are getting a high quality product.

The other components include an Aneroid with an Index and Range markings, an artery indicator label, a standard inflation bulb, a carrying case, a Sprague stethoscope, and a precision calibrated gauge. Read our full Reviews about Prestige sphygmomanometer

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6. The AccuFit Extra Large Cuff with LifeSource Blood Pressure-Monitor

The AccuFit Extra Large Cuff is a digital pressure monitor, which is compact and light, Illuminated Start Button. You can therefore travel with it quite easily. It can be used on wrists ranging from 16.5 to 23.6 (42 to 60cm). This makes it an ideal monitor for a wide range of patients.

The AccuFit Extra Large Cuff for pressure can measure both the systolic or diastolic pressure and the pulse rate at the same time. This makes blood pressure monitoring easier for more convenient.
The monitor also has a 60-memory recall feature. Using the monitor, you could access the last 90 pressure readings. This helps you keep track of pressure readings that you have been taking. In addition, you can utilize the monitor’s Pressure Rating Indicator. The feature will classify your blood pressure readings and provide you with their snapshot. You will know what your readings mean. A battery level indicator is part of the monitor. You will be able to tell when the battery is low.

The Lifesource monitor also comes with an irregular heartbeat feature. It will allow you to read pressure and pulse rates even when there is an irregular heartbeat. You will then be alerted when the irregularity occurs.

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Whether you want an auto wrist monitor or any other monitor, ensure that you select the best. Any of the above listed products can qualify as the best sphygmomanometers for your needs. You just have to select one.

We’ve gathered information to assist you find the best blood pressure monitor and sphygmometer. It’s up to you to choose the best choices according to exactly what suits you,is in your price range, and can help you to satisfy all your personal grooming requirements. Blood pressure monitor and sphygmomanometer get placed on the market at all times long-time continuously by manufacturers. Because of that, the interactive manual above will always be updated when new blood pressure monitor and sphygmomanometer will be added to the market (if they are good). If you think that have others which we’ve missed above or in our recent reviews. Please let us know and we’ll take a closer look.