If you’re wondering what is an emergency response system and what exactly medical alarm systems have to do with home security, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, we’ll explore how they work, who can benefit from having one, and why a home security company might be ideal if you’re in the market for one.

What is an Emergency Response System?

Also known as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Medical Emergency Response Systems, and Medical Alarm Systems, these devices make it easy for someone to call for help in the event of an emergency. Some are designed to be worn around the neck, while others can attach to keychains or be kept close at hand in other ways.

One of the better-known brands began marketing their device as far back as the 1980s. You may remember seeing ads on TV which depicted an elderly woman on the floor calling out for help, then pushing the button on her PERS. Of course, nowadays, there are many companies offering similar services, and that old ad is the stuff of meme legends.

How Do Medical Alarm Systems Work?

With today’s modern technology, the concept behind the devices is fairly straightforward. A person simply keeps the device close to them—ideally wearing it—and presses a single button to request help if there’s an emergency. In order to work, the device must be connected to some kind of base within the home and the base must be able to communicate with a monitoring service.

The oldest versions relied on telephone landlines, but newer ones may make use of Internet broadband, cellular connections, or even a mixture of all of them. It’s also worth noting that the monitoring service is subscription-based. People who use a PERS pay a monthly fee to the monitoring company in addition to paying for the equipment. Some require long-term contracts, while others use a pay-as-you-go/ month-to-month model.

Who Can Benefit from Using Medical Alarm Systems?

Senior Citizens

Naturally, the elderly tend to be the most-common users of PERS. The devices can be incredibly helpful for someone who wants to remain in their own home and live independently but doesn’t have someone else staying with them all the time. A device like this can give the individual and his or her family peace-of-mind, knowing that help is only a click away if ever needed.

Disabled Individuals and those with Health Issues

For much the same reason seniors appreciate PERS, people who are disabled or have serious/ chronic health concerns may benefit as well. They’re often worn by people who are at risk for falls, those who could have a medical episode at any point, and people with traumatic brain injuries, as well as degenerative brain disorders.

Anyone Concerned About Safety

Sometimes, people just feel better knowing help is close by. Maybe they live in a rough area, have been assaulted in the past, or simply worry about their safety for other reasons. In any case, keeping one on hand to serve as a panic button when police or an ambulance need to be called can provide a great deal of comfort and reassurance.

How Can a Home Security Company Help?

While many people who search for “What is emergency response system?” and related terms are actively seeking a company who specializes purely in these types of devices, they can occasionally be purchased affordable through a home security company. For example, LifeShield’s [www.lifeshield.com] keychain remotes include a panic button, which works exactly like medical alarm systems do. An individual could wear one as a pendant around the home and always know that help is a single button away.

Of course, because these keychains are part of a comprehensive system, the person using a PERS may be able to combine services to cut expenses or take advantage of the benefits of having an affordable security system as well. All major actions, such as arming and disarming the system, can be performed with the basic device, which makes it simple to use, whether the individual is a child, senior who isn’t comfortable with tech, or anything in between. Additional components, such as a carbon monoxide alarm and fire alarm can also ensure help is called during an emergency, even if the person is unable to use the PERS to call for assistance. Between the freedom to live independently and the security of knowing someone is always looking out for trouble, a PERS through a home security company can be life-changing and literally life-saving.